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We are currently working on our winery tour but we haven't forgotten about the "other" drink that everyone loves... Beer! Have you heard about Whitewater Brewery? It is one of the newest and coolest breweries in the Ottawa Valley, located to the northwest of our city, about 1 hour and 45 min away. One of our curious and beer-loving chauffeurs had a chance to pay a quick visit to this brewery on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to check it out!

Visit their website for more details: https://whitewaterbeer.ca/

Have you ever found yourself sitting around with your friends, unsure of what to do on a beautiful Ottawa weekend?  “Bars?” (been there, done that) “Movie?” (nothing worth seeing today).  Or perhaps you have tried to impress a date, or plan a big birthday party, and you couldn’t come up with a single original idea of what to do?  Welcome to the club – the “I can’t think of anything fun to do” club.  We’ve all joined it at one point or another.  If you have ever found yourself searching for something interesting and new, then this blog is for you!  East Coast Limos is making it our mission to search out little known but intriguing places and events around Ottawa.  Twice a month, we will present

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